Events occuring during the release of the publication are built around three tags, chosen by the welcoming venue. These tags allow us to go through the atlas of the project (forms of life) in a renewed way.


Tuesday Novembre 26th, 2013, 7pm
Howard Becker in conversation with Franck Leibovici
Kadist Foundation, 19bis/21 rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris. On reservation

On the occasion of the publication of Thinking Together by Howard Becker and Robert Faulkner, within the framework of the investigation  Forms of Life - an ecology of artistic practices by Franck Leibovici. Thinking Together is an investigation into Jazz improvisation: how musicians who never met previously are capable of improvising together, for a long time, after only a few minutes of introduction? The notion of investigation is extremely spread today, we find itin the social sciences as well as in the arts: there is an ethnological investigation, a sociological investigation, investigation in poetry or criminal investigation. Against books that propose a didactic methodology, Thinking Together shows the creative process  of the investigation, based on a concrete case. When Rob Faulkner and Howard Becker, two sociologists who were also experienced professionals in the music business, decided to write something about this other part of their lives, they lived at opposite ends of the North American continent: Faulkner in Massachusetts, Becker in San Francisco. The result is one of the most complete and revealing records of scientific collaboration ever made public. And one of the most intimate pictures of the creative process in all its details that anyone interested in that topic could ask for. Investigative writing is not only about formulating chains of rational ideas (as the usual format of scientific articles would like us to believe), but also mixes plays on words, stories, and arguments in new arrangements.


Wednesday 12 September
instrument for action–resources–epistemic virtues, at the Orangerie (Kassel, Germany), in the frame of dOCUMENTA(13) / La Lutherie. On a proposal from Tarek Atoui.

Friday 28 September
(forms of life), inquiry on an ecology of ordinary artistic practices – opening
. At the ENSBA, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris.

Friday 5 October
forms of life, on ordinary practices. At the Tanks / Tate Modern (London), in the frame of the program “Performance: Year zero”

Saturday 10 November, 3pm
observation–fittings–association at  Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. Free entrance on reservation at and at +33 153 561 590
Reading, visit of the exhibition and projection, with answers from: Howard Becker + Robert Faulkner (reading by Howard Becker), Gaëlle Boucand + Marion Naccache (serie of images), Abraham Cruzvillegas (song), Yves-Noël Genod (website), Dianne Hagaman (video), Tom Jarmusch (reading / film), Marion Naccache (film), Mona Vatamanu + Florin Tudor (images) et Lawrence Weiner (partition)

Thursday 15 November, 7pm
circulate–instrument for action–formats at the maison rouge, fondation Antoine de Galbert (Paris). Free entrance on reservation at
Commented diaporama and interventions, with answers from: Collectif 1.0.3. (audio piece), Matthieu Clainchard (serie of images), Abraham Cruzvillegas (song), Bojana Cvejić (presentation of her instruments of work by the artist), Tim Etchells (list), Irwin (photo), Tom Jarmusch (reading), Gérald Kurdian (serie of photos), Gabriel Lester (maps), Armin Linke (website), Ernesto Neto (map), Plan B (maps), Nicolas Siepen (serie of photos), Agnès Thurnauer (photo), Mona Vatamanu + Florin Tudor (photos) et Clotilde Viannay (map)

Saturday 1st December, 7pm
ethos–morals–availability at the Espace Khiasma (les Lilas).
Visit of the exhibition, reading and interventions, with answers from: BADco (video), Zbynek Baladran (video), Bojana Cvejic / 6 Months 1 Location (reading), Frédéric Danos (ready-made), Jochen Dehn (image), Emilie Parendeau (intervention), Dominique Petitgand (text), Chloé Quenum (mobile), Pedro Reyes (installation), Till Roeskens (text), Manon Santkin (booklet), Vittorio Santoro (image), Maya Schweizer (serie of images), Rasa Todosijevic (text) et Lawrence Weiner (partition)

Thursday 6 December, 7pm
collecting–list–potential at the maison rouge, fondation Antoine de Galbert (Paris).Free entrance on reservation at
Visit of the exhibition and interventions, with answers from: Anne-James Chaton (audio poem), Heman Chong (maps), Manuel Cirauqui (text), Mathieu Copeland (dispositive), José Damasceno (drawing, poem), Frédéric Danos (ready-made), Laurence Denimal (text), Jochen Dehn (image), Nico Dockx (images), Ryan Gander (image), Bernard Heidsieck (text), Henry Hills (film), Agnieszka Kurant (installation), Naeem Mohaiemen (installation), Cesare Pietroiusti (drawings)

Wednesday 12 December, 8pm
archives – slow – opacity at the archives of the city of Aubervilliers.
Visit of the exhibition and interventions, with answers from: Heman Chong (maps), Tim Etchells (text), Henry Hills (film), Armin Linke + Peter Hanappe (website), Yves Mettler (archives), Naeem Mohaiemen (installation), Robin Rimbaud (images), Leah Singer (website), Mona Vatamanu + Florin Tudor (images), as well as the instruments used by the archives of the city of Aubervilliers

Saturday 15 December, 3pm
speech–situations–parallel practices at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. Free entrance on reservation at and at +33 153 561 590
Visit of the exhibition and roundtable, with answers from: Stéphane Bérard (audio piece), Matthieu Clainchard (serie of images), Catherine Contour (audio piece), Jean-Pierre Cometti (text), Ryan Gander (image), Manon Santkin (exercises) and Anton Vidokle (video). Roundtable with Jean-Pierre Cometti, Franck Leibovici and Grégory Castéra

Wednesday 19 December, 7pm
everydayness–collective–visualization at agnès b (17 rue Dieu, 75010 Paris).
Visit of the exhibition and reading, with answers from: Agence (book and text), Stéphane Bérard (serie of images), Nicolas Boone (video), Gaëlle Boucand + Marion Naccache (serie of images), Anne-James Chaton (audio poem), Catherine Contour (audio piece), Vadim Fishkin (drawing), Yves Noël Genod (website), Dianne Hagaman (video), Martin Högström (visual poem), Hybris Konstproduktion (booklet), Irwin (photo), Tom Jarmusch (projection), Manuel Joseph (images), Julia Kläring (drawings), Ernesto Neto (map and diaporama), Marjetica Potrč (magazine), Natascha Sadr Haghighian (book), Vittorio Santoro (image), Clotilde Viannay (image), Anton Vidokle (video)

22, 23 and 24 January 2013
situations–interaction–artefacts at the ESAAA, École supérieure d'arts de l'agglomération d'Annecy. On a proposal from David Zerbib (workshop).


With the support of the Institut Polonais in Paris (6 December at La maison rouge)